StrikerMU Halloween Promo

PROMO start on October 29,2017 till November 4,2017

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StrikerMU New Custom Sets

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Grand Reset Mania

Is this one of your wishlist for christmas? No need to wait for christmas then. We are giving away a Razer Cynosa Pro Bundle to the first player to get 10 Grand Resets. Why wait for christmas if you can get this for free in one month's time? All you have to do is play and play and play! And hold on, it will be delivered straight to your doorsteps. So what are you waiting for? Get yo lazy butt up and start leveling and achieve the achievable..


1 x Razer Cynosa Pro Gaming Keyboard
1 x 2000 DPI DeathAdder Gaming Mouse


How to claim: Click Me!


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StrikerMU Starter Package

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StrikerMU Castle Siege August 26,2K17

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Guild War Event

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StrikerMU CS June 10,2017

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Castle Siege Grand Champion

Castle Siege Grand Champion

  • Gather your friends and join our Castle Siege every Saturday 8:00 - 10:00 PM GMT+8
  • Registration period every Sundays and Wednsday
  • 5,000 Philippine Pesos for the winning Guild Alliance


  1. The Castle will be set under ADMIN guild as a starting point and will not defend during the official siege period when there are attackers.
  2. Must have atleast 20 guild members and 1 alliance to register in the Castle Siege.
  3. Must make 4 consecutive wins to become the Castle Siege Grand Champion.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Defending alliance must have opposition (s) once Castle Siege commence. Win by default will not be officially counted as official win.
  2. Using dummy guilds to manipulate Castle Siege victory is not allowed. When proven that the castle siege victory is manipulated in or any other way. The winning/defending guild will loose the Castle and winnings will reset to 0 and the castle will be taken by the Admin team to reset castle siege for the next siege period.

  3. Use of 3rd party program is strictly prohibited ang will lead to a permanent ban and if the player is proven using a 3rd party program and is under the defending guild/alliance will not only be banned permanently but will also cause the defending alliance a back to 0 score and the Castle will be transited to the Admin team's jurisdiction until the next siege period starts again.

  4. If GameMasters are caught manipulating the Castle Siege in favor to their respective affiliation on one if the CS guild participants will not only lead to a demotion but also prevent the favoured alliance to participate in the event.

  5. Administrators will strictly not be playing the Castle Siege and will only monitor it's gameplay.

  6. If the Castle Siege Grand Champion has been declared. The guild master with its alliance will be contacted right away by the admin team in regards to how the 5,000 PHP will be transmitted in or any other way to their convenience. A screen shot of the full conversation will be posted as a proof that both ends meet the agreement.


We Dont Imitate! We just Innovate!


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New Items Released

Hello Strikerians,

We already finished the necessary updates for your clients. Just make sure you run your launcher (StrikerMU.exe) to be able to see the new items. The new sets have the same Ancient Options as the Tier 2 Evil Sets but with higher Defense. New weapons and shields are socketed. These items are 100% Custom made for StrikerMU. No skins! Most of the sets will only be available via donation. However, some items will be available in our webshop OR ingame at designated maps. We will announce once it's already active ingame.
Here's a complete list of the new items:

BK/RF - Daywalker Set
BK/RF - Ice Demon Set
DL - Demon Lord Set
SM - Blazing Soul Set
Elf - Striker Goddess Set
Summoner - Elite Princess Set
MG Set- Angelic Wrath Set

BK Sword 1 - Dragon Slayer Sword
BK Sword 2 - Ice Breaker Sword
DL Scepter - Scepter of Doom
SM Staff - Soul Edge Staff
Elf Bow - Alpha Storm Bow
Elf Mace - Lotus Mace
Sum Staff - Infernal Dawn Staff
MG Sword - Death Storm Blade

BK Shield 1 - Resonance Shield
BK Shield 2 - Ice Wall Shield
DL Shield - Dark Matter Shield
SM Shield - Blind Vengeance Shield
Elf Shield - Lotus Shield
Sum Shield - Sentinel Shield
MG Shield - Holy Might Shield

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Currently this is only one server.